Here at TechTastic, we work to make products that anybody can use to better their lives. Our products are meant to help make our everyday lives more convenient. We hope to provide you with a better future, today. Below are our three most recent products. Click on an image to be taken to that product's page. Below these images there is also a button to be taken to our legacy products, items from previous years at a reduced price.


Solar Charge


A phone case with a built in solar-chargeable battery. The case comes in many different colors and for a handful of different systems.

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College Match 

Starts at $100

An app that functions similarly to a dating app that helps students to find their perfect college. 

The HotBox

Starts at $120

A heated blanket with a twist - requires no electricity to work. Rather relies on the beads inside that heat up in the sun, or in the dryer.

The Hound

Starts at $60

A sticker that contains a tracker woven into it. Comes in multiple sizes and colors, and a free download for the Hound app where you can track each individual sticker.

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