TechTastic is a C-Corp dedicated to bettering the lives of its customers by using technological solutions. This year, we are geared to creating products that help improve the lives of those who use them, but ones that are realistic and could possibly exist in the real world. TechTastic is based in room 215 of Massapequa Highschool. This year, we are proud to employ seventeen talented individuals, which includes our three officers and our CEO, Anthony. We created TechTastic because we as adolescents understand the problems other teens face in this day and age. We pride ourselves in providing solutions to these issues and finding ways to make teens’ lives more convenient, all using various technological solutions.





Anthony is a fun loving kid who brings a lot of energy as CEO. Through his creativity, Anthony has a lot of good ideas that help further the company. “As CEO, my goal is to learn more about how to be a leader and get our company to the top of VE.”




Alex is the Chief Operations Officer and oversees the majority of TechTastic employees. He is very conscientious, & works very hard on a daily basis. He  constantly checks in on classmates to check their progress and assist them if help is necessary. 




Dom is the Chief Financial Officer of Techtastic. He is a hard worker who works well with his classmates. He works on any money problems that come his way and makes sure that all data is correct. 




Tyler is the Chief Technology Officer of TechTastic. He works hard to perfect the company website, and also works with his department to create prototypes of TechTastic's products. 

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